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Loves hurts badly

                                                   hatelovev_5d885e3414d7c35e6630f056f6a8d175                                                                                     Once there was a boy, named Johnathan. Johnathan was an innocent boy. He was living a very jolly life , he lived his life in a very different way. He was much different from the world. He thought that his disabilities were his capabilities and his abilities. He always said to others that his grey hair were his uniqueness. He had a very jolly nature , he had little wisdom, he was mature, he was as cool as cucumber, he had all the good things in him accept natural beauty. His heart was pure and beautiful but he did not posses natural beauty. He was stupid but the world change him. He used to do stupid things , he was funny, made everybody laugh but as the time passed and as he started to grow up into a teenager, he begain to change.
          When he turned thirteen his heart involved into love. He only dreamed of his love. Day and night he only dreamed of her. He was mad before her but suddenly a day came which just killed him. He realized that all these years he was in darkness. He realized that it was a one-sided love. The girl he loved didn’t liked him at all. He was wasting his time all these year. Now he understood that this world is full of lies there are spikes on every step.
            Love is like a beautiful white snow lion, if you will feed him it will be kind and loving to you but if it will be hungry it will hurt you, it will do harm to you. Love is like a pink rose which is beautiful from outside but it has thrones on its stemp. Love is so cruel that it kills a person from inside. Love is really a very bad thing.